Praying around the parish

At St. John’s we are attempting to “Pray around the parish”. This means that at the beginning of each month we drop prayer cards through the doors of every house in designated road(s). We then invite our parishioners to make a particular place in their prayers for the residents of those specific roads – especially for anyone they know personally who lives there. So far this year we have prayed especially for everyone who lives in Clifford and Lyndhurst Roads (January); Guildford Road (February); Central Avenue (March); Farnborough and Halsall Roads and Blythe Mews (April); Shaftesbury Road & Avenue (May). In June we shall focus on Nixon’s Lane, Leybourne Ave. & Ranelagh Drive. If you would like to join your prayers to ours as we progress prayerfully round the parish that would be wonderful. Equally if you would like us to pray for you at any time do not hesitate to contact Philip our vicar (see contact page).