"Under and over the Mersey"

After the 10.30 a.m. service on Sunday 15th June 2008 an intrepid band set off from church to get the train into Moorfields station, Liverpool. From there they walked down to the entrance of the Queensway Tunnel. They then set off to walk the tunnel.

It was interesting to see the various signs along the way. These told us what was above us at street level. (Surprisingly only a very small part of the tunnel is actually under the Mersey.)

Walking at different speeds as we did, we soon became separated and, although most of us did hang around for quite a while at the far end of the tunnel, we never really had everyone together again!

The idea was to return to Liverpool on the ferry which many of us did. However, some of us tired of all the waiting around decided to come all the way back on the train.

This event entitled "Under and over the Mersey" was run by Merseytravel as part of the Liverpool 08 festivities. Mersey travel did allow participants to travel at half price and free on the ferry. This, however, was of little interest for those of us who were sufficiently mature to have free passes anyway!

It was a fun, and unusual, thing to do and I think everyone who took part enjoyed themselves and would want join me in thanking Donna and Martin for organising our tickets for us!

We all received a certificate and commemorative medal for our pains and also a cd of the "History of the Mersey Tunnels"