St John's Treasure Hunt 2008

On Friday June 27th a large number of Church members and their friends gathered together to enjoy the annual “Treasure Hunt” which this year fell to Geoffrey Ellis to organise. We left Church at 8pm armed with our instructions and clues (31 in total) . We endeavoured to identify the clues some of which appeared to be quite easy and others which left some minds blank with no possibility of an answer unless a guess was used in the hope of perhaps it was the right answer. Our group of clues led us to a church where we searched the church grounds, the cemetery and the church hall for the various answers needed, whilst we looked we were approached by a rather trendy vicar and asked if we needed help in what ever we were doing, we replied that we did not and explained our reasons for the visit and told him that he should be aware that several other like minded visitors were about to descend for the same reasons . Having completed, as far as we were able, we followed Geoffrey’s instructions and eventually arrived at our destination for supper and the announcement of the winners, the result of which would identify the group who have to arrange the event for 2009!

The buffet supper, which was arranged at very short notice as Geoffrey’s original venue was gutted by fire, was held at The Saracen's Head by the canal. The winners were The Saabs (The Wright Family) second were The Bunnies (Mark, Val and the Boys) and third were D.M.S.W.( DIVORCED-MARRIED-SINGLE-WIDOWED) Jean Beeley, Helen Whitehill & Friends

A very big thank you to Geoffrey, ably assisted by his sister, for a very enjoyable evening

The Infamous Five (Jane, Alan, Donna, Martin & John)