From Barn Dance to Dancing Queen!

Since the beginning of February we have had two opportunities to "Trip the light fantastic" here at St. John's!
And fantastic events they have been!

The first, on February 7th was a Barn Dance which everybody who attended enjoyed. A hilarious time was had by one and all as Ruth vainly attempted to guide us through the various complicated manoeuvres!

The second on 28th March was an "ABBA Night"! This proved to be so popular that tickets were completely sold out and we apologise to the people who turned up, in all their gear, following the mis-information in the Visiter, only to be denied admission.

Those fortunate enough to have tickets enjoyed watching large screen video of ABBA themselves as well as extracts from the film Mamma Mia. These were interspersed with a team quiz and, of course, the opportunity to dance beneath a spinning, spotlit, mirror ball!

Even the food was "70's" style - including cheese and little onions on sticks, prawn cocktail and Black Forest Gateau!!