St John's Trip to Buxton

Do you remember Saturday 6th June 2009? Well if you do, you will remember that it was cold and poured with rain almost all day. That was the day that the good people of St. John's enjoyed a coach trip to Buxton! The rain hammered down all the way and for most of the time we were there. For this reason it was decided, before we even got there, to shorten our visit by an hour. So, frantic phone calls were made to Joyce, back in Birkdale, to ask her to be prepared for our early return.

Then, in true British fashion, we sallied forth from the bus to make the most of the day. People discovered interesting shops and cosy cafés. The Pavillion elicited general approval with its gift boutique, craft displays and café but its dripping gardens, although undoubtedly beautiful were, on this occasion, less popular! Practically everybody visited the Buxton Museum and Art Gallery which turned out to be a little jewel which we might well have missed had the weather been more clement!

Geoffrey welcomed us all back on to the coach before the deadline and we set off for home with clothes, bags and, in some cases hair, steaming. Needless to say, more or less immediately after the last person had boarded the coach, the rain stopped! Nevertheless we were all grateful for the delicious meal that Joyce had ready for us on our return.

Thank you Geoffrey and Joyce for all your hard work in organising the trip and preparing and cooking all the food.