The Virtual Fair 2009

Once again it was decided to hold a virtual fair at St. John's and this took place on Saturday 20th June. We held our first virtual fair in 2007 but, for those of you who do not know how our virtual fair works, let me explain!

Parishioners were encouraged to consider what they might have spent had we had an actual summer fair, to come along for a strawberry tea on 20th June (between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.) and donate that amount of money. In addition, at Easter, all the children and young people associated with the church were given a box of little Easter eggs and were encoraged to use the box (after they'd eaten the eggs) to collect 10p coins. They were then asked to bring them along to the church on 20th June. Then, whilst the adults were enjoying delicious strawberries with a cup of tea, the young people laid out their 10p coins in a line. The aim was to create a longer line than we had in 2007!
The line began at the front door of the hall. In less than half an hour it stretched down the the side of the church and was extending across the front. Soon it entered the carpark and was slowly making its way along the other side of the church towards the back door of the hall. As we approached the point that we had reached last time the growth of the line got slower and slower! Just as the by now very excited kids were beginning to despair more people arrived and the line surged forward again .Then about 15 minutes before the end, to mighty cheers the line crept up the steps and in through the back door of the hall. Our new goal was to make a complete ring of 10ps - right around the church. In the end we did not quite make it as, in spite of a few late arrivals, the line eventually halted half way up the hall! Ah well it gives us something to aim for next time!! That evening Joyce, Gordon and Sall spent two hours counting the 4,370 10p coins! A fantastic result - well done to everybody who collected, donated and/or helped lay down coins!
Overall, including all those 10ps, at the time of writing, the Virtual Fair has raised an excellent £1,600 to help maintain and run our church.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the success of this event!