Jazz Night - 10th July 2009

Advanced publicity for this event was rather confusing which may account for the low turn out. However, if you missed it, you missed a real treat. As often on a Friday night, I felt very weary as I set out for St. John's with my ticket emblazonned with the title Fisherman's Friend. To be honest I had no idea what we were in for and little inclination to find out!
However, everybody present had a fantastic, fun and uplifting evening. At first we were bemused by the significance of "Fisherman's Friend" as, when we arrived, the board across the front of church read "New Dawn". For the first part of the evening we were entertained by a group of ladies (New Dawn) who sang a mixture of 50s/60s pop songs interspersed by gospel and worship songs. Between the songs we were treated to comic recitations. All were delivered with sincerity and humour and the audience warmed to them immediately.

Then, before the interval, we were entertained by the jazz group Fisherman's Friend. By then we were already in a much better mood. Fisherman's Friend not only played for us but also had us rolling in the aisles with their wit.

It was a much happier group of people that went over to the hall during the interval than had entered the church an hour earlier!

The second half was even better than the first and by the end of the evening I hope both groups were left in no doubt about how much they had been appreciated.

The audience may have been small but it was certainly enthusiastic!

We were so enthusiastic, in fact, that we have invited New Dawn to perform at our Christmas Tree Festival. We hope they will be performing on our f irst night (Friday 11th December). So don't miss them again. Be there to enjoy their music and humour and give them the support they deserve