Farnborough Road Infants visit St. John's

On Thursday 21st January 2010 children from Year 1 (Farnborough Road Infants) came to visit St.John's with their teachers and helpers. The visit was to fit in with their RE curriculum and also topic work that they were doing on buildings.

The vicar, Philip, told them about the font, the Holy Table, the lectern and the pulpit located at the four ends of a cross. The organist, Val, told them all about how the organ works and demonstrated it for the children. They also discussed other church furniture and the stained glass windows.

They were then able to wander around, investigate every nook and cranny of the building and ask questions.
They were hoping to design and make their own "Stained glass windows" when they got back to school.
All the children behaved beautifully this year and many asked interesting questions! It was a pleasure to have them in the church.