WOW Day 1

Monday 2nd August was the first day of St John's Holiday Club. Called Wow it is exploring God's World of Wonders with children aged from 5 to 9 years of age.

We began with a prayer to thank God for his wonderful world and ended with a story from the Bible in which Jesus fed well over 5,000 people with 5 small loaves and 2 fish!

This first day was a rubbish day!
Together adults and children discussed ways and means of reducing the amount of rubbish we generate; ensuring as much of our rubbish as possible is reused and recycling as much of the remaining rubbish as we can.

We also investigated drinks cans, played games, made specific recycling bins (for batteries, used stamps and number 2 plastic bottle tops) made shakers from reused materials and and learned the last verse of a new song!
It was a busy morning but a good time was had by one and all.