Fundraising Concert with New Dawn and Fisherman’s Friends

On Saturday 12th May, New Dawn and Fisherman’s Friend entertained an enthusiastic audience and the proceeds of the concert will go to helping to make our annual Charity Christmas Tree Festival a little more sustainable.

After everyone had been welcomed by John Feneley, New Dawn opened the concert with a selection of vintage popular songs interspersed with inspiring Gospel songs.  

The songs were intermingled with amusing readings – poems and short stories such as “The Story of Molly” – first told by Gervaise Phinn.

After their set Fisherman’s Friend took to the “stage” with their unique blend of jazz and comic repartee.

This is the Fisherman.......
  ....... and these are his friends!!

During the interval everyone, performers and audience alike, enjoyed their tea and particularly delicious biscuits in the hall.

The second half of the concert was as entertaining as the first.  After being thanked again by John, New Dawn concluded the evening with their final encore.

Well done everybody and thank you all for coming.