Buckets of pennies for buckets of water

If you have been here before you will know that this year the theme for our Holiday Club, WOW3, was Water (see below).  

Following our discussions at the club, we decided to save “Buckets of pennies for buckets of water”.  This took place during the holiday club and continued in church throughout August.

Yesterday we collected in the buckets and Joyce, Gordon and I (with welcome help from Hannah) spent over two hours counting and bagging the money.

[Hannah arrived part way through “the counting” with a bag of coins from home, because she and her family had been away all summer and thus unable to contribute before.  When she saw us ploughing through all the coins she very kindly offered to help.  We were very grateful to her as without her help we’d probably have been there all afternoon!]

Anyway, all the hard work was well worth while as the final count revealed that the buckets had contained £181.36!

In addition to this £156.45 had been raised at WOW3 itself because nobody would accept payment for any of the resources or items for the items for the “shop” that they contributed to the club!

And then there is the £60 raised when one of our helpers auctioned one of her paintings after the WOW3 service (see below).

So, altogether we are sending £181.45 + £156.45 + £60.00 (i.e. £397.81) to WaterAid.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, generosity and hard work.

For more information on WaterAid visit http://www.wateraid.org