Until the next time!

On Tuesday 8th January all the Christmas trees from the festival were stripped, 

taken down and 

taken to the National Trust in Formby to be reused in their sand dune stabilisation project.

There was a lot to clean up afterwards and the bagging and cleaning was undertaken by a small but thorough team.  The church was spick and span by the end of the day!

A big thank you to everybody 
who helped
take down and clear up.

Then on Friday 25th January tree sponsors and representatives of the charities were invited to a meal in St. John’s hall.

John thanked everybody for turning out despite the dreadful, snowy weather.  He said that it seemed to be generally agreed that this years Christmas Tree festival had been the best one yet!  He thanked all the sponsors and charity representatives for all their contributions to the festival and commented that without them it could not have happened at all.

Clive then outlined the program for the evening which was to consist of entertainment from Julie Ann and some of her students followed by a buffet supper and ending with the second half of the concert.

Julie Ann introduced her students who, together with Julie, put on an excellent and varied program of piano and saxophone playing, recitations and of course singing.





and Lucy put on a superb show both before and after the supper break.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the evening including the excellent caterers!

We hope to see everybody back next year if not before!

Put the dates for the next festival in your diary 
– December 13th & December 14th 2013 !