National Doodle Day 2013

On Friday 8th February Friday GAP celebrated National Doodle Day.
Eleven adults and fourteen children attended the usual session of Friday GAP and enjoyed tea, coffee, biscuits, squash, sweets and crisps whilst doodling to their hearts’ content!

Just whiling away the time?  

Certainly not!

Every participant paid £1 for the privilege of doing a doodle, 

and all the doodles will be entered in the National Doodle Day competition which raises money for the charity Epilepsy Action.

We also had a draw for ‘Which Celebrity’s Doodle is the Winner’ and had two lucky winners – Hannah Ritchie and Kieran Govan - who each went home with a lovely tin of biscuits.
All together the event raised £41 for Epilepsy Action.  Thank you to everyone who came and contributed.
We also ran our usual Friday GAP session including the bible story of Jesus healing an epileptic boy, had our prayer time with all the good and bad news supplied by the children, played a couple of games and sang some lively action songs (the adults were quite surprised at what we usually do at Friday GAP and how much energy is expended!)
So all in all a successful time!

Thank you to Christine and her team for running this event and to all the children and adults of all ages for taking part so enthusiastically.

Thank you also to Christine for the words and photos for this blog.  Don't forget if you are doing or have done anything for St. John's that you think everyone should know about let me know and I'll do my best to get it up here on the blog!