Ten Pin Bowling May 2013

On the evening of Friday 17th May, friends and families from St. John’s gathered at the Premier Bowl, Southport and commandeered four ten pin bowling Lanes for an hour.
Many of us had not been 10-pin bowling for many a year but, once everyone had got to grips with the more advanced technology, fancy footwork, controlled swings and focused minds sent bowls gliding down the lanes and skittles flying in all directions!
 The youngsters more than held their own - with Emily giving her grandmother an excellent run for her money.

It has to be said strikes were not plentiful but they were roundly applauded by all when they did occur! 

When the hour was up everyone adjourned to the vicarage for fish and chips followed by delicious cake as only Cathy can bake.  Yum! Yum!

Thanks Cathy, for your hospitality.  I hope it didn't take you too long to clear up after we’d all left.

Thank you to Jim Wright for these photos.