WOW4 Holiday club - part 3

This is the fourth and final day of WOW4.  (Rather confusing as I have called it "part 3" but the first "part" covered days 1 and 2!!!)

So on Thursday 1st August our theme was "white" which we agreed symbolised "good" and often worn by brides at weddings, sometimes at baptisms and by vicars wearing surplices.  We noticed that angels were often portrayed in white as were good fairies in pantomimes!

The day was characterised by several white activities and a number of silly "white" games!

These included The making of angels ..... 

..... drawing in white chalk .....

..... and The making of spinners out of CDs which possibly when spun will turn the primary colours white!  

Well if they don't do that they will hopefully produce an interesting visual effect!?!

John, with his glue gun, helped us to attach the CDs to the ping-pong balls and the tops!  (He only burned himself once - I think!?!)

The white chocolate game was rather manic and I think there was a lot of cheating going on!  I didn't see many children with their arms in the t-shirt although plenty seemed to get a turn at wielding the knife and fork and eating the chocolate!

(If you don't know what I'm talking about you'll have to ask someone who was there!)

So much was consumed that, in the end, we ran out of white and had to resort to brown chocolate.

Simple skittles was a game that also generated a lot of excitement (and noise).
[I'm not sure Geoffrey's knees will ever be the same again!]

It's amazing how much fun you can have with a couple of white balloons!  Simple games are often the best.

We concluded the morning with the story of the resurrection of Jesus.  So we ended on a high with the best news ever!

So now the club has ended and as some people are unable to join us on Sunday because of holiday commitments I should like to take the opportunity to thank all the adults and young people who attended WOW4.  They all, from the youngest (aged 5) to the oldest (who will never see their 70th birthday again!) contributed to the joyful atmosphere of the club.  Hopefully everyone of us learned something as well as having fun!   

Thanks to you all!

If you can make it to the special WOW4 service on Sunday 4th August a t 10.30 a.m. please do come along to support the children and their helpers.