Hunting Treasure in Birkdale and beyond

When there's treasure to be had, people can be pretty determined to find it. So it was no surprise when a goodly number of people turned out for a car treasure hunt on the evening of 30th June.

The hunt took us through the village and out of Birkdale at the coast road, round to Crossens and Banks, Mere Brow and Holeswood, down through Rufford to Burscough, along Pippin Street to Heaton's Bridge, Bescar and Scarisbrick , and back to Birkdale ... for supper at a house we know well.

The Treasure Hunt directions included a quiz sheet of food-and-drink-related anagrams (e.g. CRACKPOT INLAW is Prawn Cocktail, CRIED is Cider!), which had to be handed in with the answers to the treasure hunt clues, and total mileage driven was to be the tiebreaker in case of need.

Much good food was consumed, along with convivial liquid refreshments (ahem! but not in excessive quantity, it must be added ...), and towards the end of the evening the result was announced.

And the winners are ...

 The Famous Five (from left: Judith, Stuart, Sarah, Alistair and Christine)

Thank you, Tim and Sally, for organising the treasure hunt and anagrams, and for your hospitality and excellent catering.