The Virtual Fair

In the past at St John’s we have always had a Summer Fair but this year we decided to try something different ….

A Virtual Fair

Everybody was encouraged to consider what they might have spent had we had an actual summer fair, to come along for a strawberry tea on 23rd June and donate that amount of money.

In addition, children were encouraged to collect 10p pieces andbring them along on 23rd June to make the longest possible line of coins.

In spite of the misgivings that many people had this turned out to be a fantastic success both socially and financially. The weather had been threatening but in the event was fine.

Some sat inside, others outside, enjoying the strawberries and each others company.

The children had collected an amazing number of 10p coins and enthusiastically stuck them on strips of sticky tape. Gradually, the line of 10ps, which started and the main entrance to the Church hall, grew. It meandered around the front of the church and we hoped that it might reach right around to the back entrance to the hall. As the line grew so did the excitement. Would we reach our target?

In the end we were just a couple of metres short, finishing just past the entrance to the choir vestry!! Nevertheless we raised a staggering £341.50 in 10p coins which brought the grand total of donations (at the moment of writing) to £2,949.89!

Well done everybody!!

I suspect there may yet be a few more donations to come
so we might yet break through the £3,000 mark which would be fantastic.