Mothering Sunday at St. Johns

Do join us at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday 2nd March for a special service to celebrate Mothering Sunday. Collect a daffodil for your Mum (whatever age you both are!) and join us for coffee and simnel cake after the service.

It used to be that devout parishioners went to the Mother Church of the parish, or the Cathedral of the diocese, to make their offerings on this mid-lent Sunday. Then at sometime during the seventeenth century the day became the festival to celebrate human motherhood. Whole families met together and apprentices and servants were given the day off to go home. They would gather flowers from the hedgerows and, sometimes, take a gift of simnel cake to their mothers from their employers.

So, come along to St. Johns on Sunday 2nd March and celebrate Mothering Sunday in a modern and yet traditional way!