Walking Without Wall

Where were you all, O intrepid walkers? On Saturday 23rd February Roy and Gill were anxiously waiting in St. John’s Car Park at 8.45 a.m. and nobody else was there! They were just contemplating going home to bed when John Feneley, Sal and Gordon drew up. They were not sure whether to be pleased or sorry. In fact they had made a lot of effort to organise the walk which had very kindly been planned by David Wall who had hoped to lead it but was unfortunately detained at the last minute. [We do hope Becky is now on the road to recovery.]
We all waited around until about 9.15 a.m. in case anybody else should turn up. However, in the end the five of us piled into Roy’s car and duly set off for Dunsop Bridge.
One advantage of being in one car is that you can stop and start at will so, before we’d even arrived at our starting point, we stopped (for two different types of coffee, tea and diet Coke) at The Country Kitchen in Waddington.
The walk led us from the car park in Dunsop Bridge, across the River Hodder. We followed the river south before crossing back over it at Burholme Bridge. So far, so good – some of us may have made an unscheduled detour from the route but, although it was rather breezy, there was only light drizzle and it was flat! Soon after crossing the river we began to climb up to meet the descending clouds and the wind grew stronger and stronger.
The wind must have reached gale force which was quite alarming at times – especially as we passed through a howling, creaking conifer wood. The ground was very wet so as we climbed (and eventually descended) it was necessary to concentrate on every foot fall for fear of slithering into the sludgy bits, sliding into the slimy bits or slipping on the rocks and stones. In addition there was a real danger of the lighter amongst us being blown over if we were not careful. In the event however, we only suffered one real fall between us and the scenery was spectacular!
In spite of it all we thoroughly enjoyed the day especially the “Fly cemetery pie” when we stumbled into Puddleducks on our return to Dunsop Bridge and the drink at The Inn at Whitewell on our way home.
Thanks, David for the planning and Roy and Gill for taking care of us.
P.S. The Taskers are threatening to lead the same walk again so as not to waste all the photocopying they did for this one! If they do - don’t miss it next time – I thoroughly recommend it.