Journey to the Emerald City (November 2009)

Like the story that it portrays the Journey to the Emerald City was fraught with technical and other problems during the final weeks of preparation. However, at the last minute everything suddenly dropped into place, both literally and metaphorically! On the evening of Friday 13th November and the afternoon and evening of Saturday the 14th November audiences thoroughly enjoyed the show. By the end of Saturday evening, the cast and crew, who had all been despondent less than a week before, were elated and felt that they really had done their best. As always, the success of the show was due mainly to Clive, who never appeared to lose faith in the project, however despairing the rest of us had been.
Clive not only conceived of the idea for the show but wrote the script, cast and directed the show. All the cast worked really hard but my greatest admiration goes to Lucy who was always lively, helpful and supportive however anxious she herself felt. Talented, of course she is, but, talent alone is not enough, and she put in at least as much hard work as anyone else.
It is also impossible to overestimate the debt we owe to the talents and experience of Julie Ann who seems to be able to get the musical best out of everybody and magically adapt, merge and mould a miscellany of songs and music into a coherent whole.
The scenery and special effects were very ambitious given the limitations of budget time and space and many people worked all hours to get everything up and running in time.
I feel very proud to have been a part of this production and feel that it is a terrific testimony to the talent, dedication and enthusiasm we have here at St. John’s that this was a totally in house (or should that be in church) production.

Finally I must not forget the people working front of house, not least Joyce who produced a buffet meal for the audience before the Friday night show and ordered and distributed fish and chips to everybody after the Saturday night show.

Well done everybody!

If you missed the show or would like to relive the experience why not order the DVD which was filmed at the Saturday matinee. The DVDs cost £15 and can be ordered from Sally-Ann (Tel. 01704 567663). DVDs done for us by Neil in the past have been excellent but they take a while for him to produce so, regretfully they will NOT be ready by Christmas.

There are a great many more photos from the show available for my "friends" to see on Facebook. If you are not a "friend" and wish to see them please get in touch! Sally-Ann