WOW Day 3

Our focus for the day was energy and power! We began the morning with Christine trying to win £1,000,000. Unfortunately, in spite of her best endeavours, all she won was a sticker.

Shaun told us all about sources of electricity and demonstrated how a wind turbine worked. Some of us managed to spin it fast enough to light the light (since there was not enough wind to turn rotor blades which should have done the work).

We also managed to make some wind powered cars. They were a bit fiddly but they all worked in the end!

However, some worked a lot better than others. We decided they'd never really catch on!

Annie explained how electrical circuits work, then.....

......using batteries we managed to light a number of light bulbs in a variety of different ways.

Today we added another verse to our song which we accompanied with the Shakers we had made on Tuesday.

The church organist came in to show us how the organ worked.

She played some wedding music for us.

We compared the organ with the recorder and the flute.

We looked at the organ pipes but there were too many to count.

We also got to look inside the organ and watched the bellows inflating. We noticed that there were some wooden pipes as well as many metal ones inside the organ.

It was another good day and we finished with the story of Jesus exerting power over the winds and waves. Only God can do that!