Barn Dance (9/10/10)

On Saturday 9th October around 65 people attended the barn dance. Those taking part were all members of St. John’s or their friends and a good time was had by all. The ages ranged from nine to over 70 years and all those who were fit enough to join in enjoyed the dancing. Those who couldn’t dance encouraged those who could!

For the first time at one of our barn dances we had live music provided very ably by two members of the Southport Orchestra, Steve on fiddle and Andy on guitar/piano accordion. Edwin helped to complete the ensemble by playing the drums, and Ruth did a splendid job of calling the dances and managed to get everyone through the steps without too many mistakes!

Supper consisted of cottage pie and apple strudel and at £5 per ticket the event was extremely good value for money!

(Thank you Christine for providing this for the blog!)