Receiving our first Eco-Congregation award

On Sunday 3rd July, John Pugh MP attended our 10.30 a.m. service to present the church with an Eco-congregation award.

The church has been given this award in recognition of the work that we have been doing to try to lower our environmental impact and to educate others on ways to do the same. This independently-assessed award is designed to affirm good practice in environmental stewardship and help churches witness to the importance of caring for God’s creation.

Measures taken by the church include the installation of “low energy lighting”; running a Sustainability Audit Training course from Faiths4change; being a Fair Trade Church and encouraging the congregation to use Fair Trade products at home and running a Children’s Summer Holiday Club – WOW - which investigated God’s World Of Wonders and explored ways in which we should help to look after the Earth.

Christine, in her capacity as a member of the St. Johns eco-group, which “spear heads” the eco initiatives, received the award on behalf of the church. She pointed out that receiving this award is not the end of our eco-endeavours but merely the end of the beginning!

The award has to be renewed every three years so the St. John’s eco-group is already working on plans to improve the grounds, ways to lower the Church’s energy consumption and a special film night in September.
Your support is greatly appreciated so, please look out for new initiatives and do your very best to participate. If you have any great ideas please let us know and if you can't do anything else - as Christine said - during the winter PLEASE SHUT ALL DOORS BEHIND YOU!

P.S. If you want to kow anything else about the Eco-congregation scheme visit