Hard work acknowledged!

At a recent PCC meeting it was decided that a plaque should be put up to recognise the hard work of those who created the wall hanging that is now on the western wall of the main church hall.

This beautiful wall hanging was made at a time when St John's was occasionally doing stage performances and when we envisaged showing films more often than we now do. 

When the hall was refurbished and the new windows were installed it was realised that the walls and floor are such large bare areas that sound echoes from them, and the acoustics are not very good at all.  
So it was decided to hang some heavy curtains and to create a large wall hanging.

The design of the banner represents the four seasons of the year, the light of the world, and the Cross with light radiating from it, and it contains the four colours of the liturgical seasons (purple, green, white and red).

The entire project took many months from start to finish. The background material was stretched out on a very large embroidery frame which Stuart made to keep it tight, and the hundreds of pieces of coloured material for the pattern were individually hand-stitched by the ladies whose names appear on the plaque.