120th Anniversary Service - 20th June 2010

At 10.30 a.m. on Sunday 20th June a special service was held to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of St. John's Church.

The service involved people of all ages. It celebrated the careful and solid construction of the building, for which we gave thanks.

Sally, and the children, evoked the story of the Three Little Pigs to demonstrate how a building will not stand if it is not built properly using the correct materials. SoAdd Image, we gave thanks not only for the building but also for all the diligent people who had been responsible for planning and building the church here in Birkdale.
We then went on to remind ourselves that, wonderful as the building is, the church was actually the people and not the building. So, we recollected that not only has the building been passed down to us over 12 decades but so has Christianity - its values and beliefs.

Christine demonstrated to us how these were the real "bricks" of the church and explained how they were held together by the "cement" of "Love".
Our prayers were expertly lead by three generations of the same family. John the eldest (but I hasten to add not yet 120 years old) gave thanks for the people and events of the past; Sally prayed for the church, community and world of the present and Lucy prayed for the furture.

After the service everyone adjourned to the Hall for the celebratory cake that Gordon had baked for the occasion.