WOW2 – Day 2 – Noisy!

On Tuesday 2nd August we focused on the sense hearing – it was a noisy day!
After discussing some of the wonderful sounds in this world we realised how much we would miss out on if we couldn’t hear – from the sound of a bird singing, to the latest pop song, to the sound of our mother’s voice. We also noted that we would be at greater risk – unable to hear shouted warnings, fire alarms, approaching traffic etc.
Children attempted to identify recorded sounds and went on a walk - really listening to what they could hear around them – if they could stay quiet themselves!

During the morning we had fun making sound effects to accompany the story of Noah and the Flood. Shaun recorded the various efforts so that we could listen to them being played back. (“Eat your heart out”, Radio 4!)

In addition to decorating their musical instruments, the children explored a variety of rhythms before continuing to learn their song.
Games we played were “Chinese Whispers” and “Pirates and Treasure” both of which depended on listening carefully.
We reminded ourselves of Jesus’ teaching “If you have ears, pay attention” (Matthew chapter 11 verse 15) and then, after the WOW prayers, the session ended with the Bible story about the boy Samuel (1Samuel chapter 3 v 1-20).