WOW2 – Day 3 – Touchy-feely!

On Wednesday 3rd August we focused on the sense of touch and how we feel – it was a touchy-feely day!
Today we realised that this is another sense which is very important for our safety and well being but which we very much take for granted.
With jugs of water we noted how our sense of touch can be fooled!
The children made “touchy-feely pictures” that could be appreciated by a blind person and there were some remarkable results.

For many, but not all, the most popular activity of the morning was the “Monster Buffet” – those monsters enjoy the most disgusting food including eye-balls, broken teeth, snot and brains! Having felt these delights those children who wished were able to partake of the buffet!

[The children pictured here are sampling “Monster spit”!]

Before proceeding to verses three and four of our song, we tried to find out if we can feel sound!

Some of us even managed to master playing “the comb and paper”.

We ended the session by exploring occasions on which Jesus healed people by touching them although, as we discovered on Monday, he didn’t need to touch them at all. (Mark chapter 1, verses 29-31: Mark 1: 40-42 and Luke 5: 12-13)