WOW2 – Day 4 – yummy or stinky?

Thursday 4th August was the final day of the WOW2 holiday and people were already talking about WOW3!!!!
There were two senses that we had not yet explored so, today we went for both taste and smell and soon realised that these senses were inter-related.
Today’s activities required the children to identify substances by smell ......

... and also to identify cleverly disguised drinks by taste!
After sampling egg and cress sandwiches the children made little egg-heads which, with any luck, will grow cress hair if they are kept moist!
The most popular activity of the day was making “Pizzas” with favourite toppings. Many of these smelled delicious and were hardly out of the oven before they were being devoured!

We also discussed and compared our tastes in music before learning the final verse of our song and putting together with our musical accompaniment!
The story today was the Wedding in Cana (John Chapter 2 verses 1-11).
Then it was time for our final prayers and our goodbyes to those who are unable to join us for the service on Sunday.

Thanks are due to all the children and the helpers whose enthusiastic participation made the club such a success. Well done everybody!