WOW3 Holiday Club - Day 1

Appropriately enough, the theme for our Holiday Club this year is water - wet, wet, wet! 
We began by looking at God's wonderful world as seen from outer space and noting how what a lot of the surface is covered in water.  We discussed how vital for life, as we know it water, is and noted how little fresh, liquid water there is on earth compared to the total amount of water!
Yet it is this water that all land animals and plants depend on (and are largely made up of). 

We then broke into groups to explore this life giving water!  How not to waste it, or mess it up, and how to ensure that as many people as possible had access to clean, fresh water.

We planted some bean seeds with no soil to see if they would grow if all we gave them was water!?!  

It was trickier than you might think to position the beans so that they didn't drop to the bottom.  

All we have to do now is keep our seeds damp (but not too wet) for long enough to see if they grow!  [I hope someone will email me a picture if theirs does grow!]

We also played a giant "drains and ladders" game to enable us to talk about what we could do to save and generally look after water.

[The winners!]

In addition we learned a new song (and some actions to go with it); 

tried to play some water-flutes (which was a lot harder than it looks); 
played other games; 

made some jelly (which, hopefully will have set by tomorrow!) 

and made some posters to encourage people to look after water!

Also, during the morning, we looked at the work of Wateraid.  We were shocked by the number of children that die from water related illness every day and the bad effect that drinking dirty water has on many other children - their growth and education.  We then agreed to join their "Buckets of pennies for buckets of water" initiative.  [For more information on Wateraid go to   and visit the Learn Zone.]

Finally, our Bible Story today was "The Woman at the Well" (which is taken from John 4 v 3-42).  
This story is depicted in the bottom of the East Window in our church.

Below this blog I have posted some of the posters that the children made at WOW3 today!