WOW3 Holiday Club - Day 3

Our theme for today was “life in water”.  We began the morning by making fish to hang beneath the surface of the “Sea of Galilee”!

We considered how long we could survive under water!!  We timed how long we could hold our breath for!  

Some of us would survive under water for a lot longer than others!  [But none of us would last very long!]

We played a “jumping frog” game by colouring in a pond ....

 and seeing how few hops our frogs could make to get to the pond.

We also played a “magnetic fishing” game using spotty fish made from old food cartons and rods made from old garden canes!  We scored by counting the number of spots on all the fish we had caught – not the number of fish!

We had a splashing time creating a “splatter painting”!   

Unfortunately, it was too wet to do this outside which made it a bit more difficult!  However, it was good fun and you can see the finished painting in the church!

Fortunately, after play, the rain finally stopped – just in time for our “Water Olympics” outside!
This was just as well as the games were very wet!  We had three teams and the results were very exciting – two teams drew to win and the team that came second was only two points behind.  The games were not only very wet but turned out to be very noisy as well.  So, I hope we don’t get any complaints from the neighbours!

Our story, at the end of the morning was about Jesus calling his first disciples.  He said “'Follow me, and I will turn you into fishers of men.”         [Matthew 4 v 18 – 22]