WOW3 Holiday Club - Day 4

Today we were considering how amazing water is once more.  This time we focused on ships and boats and just plain fun!

We began the morning by creating the finishing touches to our “Sea of Galilee” model.  [Sal banned ideas from some of the adult helpers for mermaids and treasure chests!]

After a damp start to the morning we decided that we would set up “John’s door” outside!  We were rewarded by the rain stopping just before the children arrived.

It was good fun trying to hit the person behind the door with a wet fish or other sea creature!  

Chris was the first target, followed by Laura ....

but soon children were ..... clamouring to be the target!  

Some of them were a bit on the small side!  

We also played more games with “water soaker” balls whilst we were outside.

It was great fun!

We were amazed to hear that iron and steel ships could float because we couldn’t make a nail float.  
However, after a lot of fiddling about with tissue paper some of us did mange to make a needle float on the "meniscus" of the water – but a ship certainly couldn’t do that!


We floated some foil dishes and made little men to float in them.  
We had to be careful that they didn’t overbalance! 

Some of us had time to play with an Aquadoodle and some did some magic paintings but we didn’t all have time!

We looked at some paper boats and noticed that although they floated initially they soon became soggy and sank.  
So, we tried to make the paper more water resistant by colouring all over one side,with wax crayons, before we made the boat!

Our story today was “Moses in the bulrushes”.  [Exodus 2 v 1-10]
(His Mum made his basket waterproof by covering in “Bitumen and pitch”.)

We finished our last morning by practising our song for the service on Sunday!